Stephen Lawrence Education Standard


As well as preparing children academically for their next stage in education, the Governors and staff here at Robert Miles Juniors are firm believers that we are also preparing children to be responsible, caring and thoughtful citizens. This is why our school values – Responsibility, Equality, Achievement, Consideration and Honesty – are so important in underpinning all we do.

We will be looking at one of those values – Equality – in much greater depth over the next couple of years as we work towards the Stephen Lawrence Education Standard (SLES). There will be lots more information about the SLES over the coming months, and many ways for all members of our community to become involved.


What is the SLES?

The SLES is a powerful framework for schools and learning institutions to ensure race equality and inclusion is embedded across the whole school and that duties from legislation are fulfilled. The Standard is awarded to schools which demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and evidence of promoting inclusion and race equality to help transform education.

How did the SLES develop?

The SLES was developed by Leeds City Council in response to the Macpherson Inquiry into the tragic murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993. It was rolled out to schools nationally in 2010.

What are the aims of the SLES?

  • to develop effective leadership and a whole school approach which embeds equality into the life of the school.

 to make sure the duties of the Equality Act 2010 are fulfilled.
  • to make sure the duties of the Equality Act 2010 are fulfilled.
  • to examine policies and their outcomes, and to guard against causing disadvantage for any section of our communities.
  • to acknowledge and celebrate existing good practice in promoting race equality and ethnic minority achievement in schools.
  • to empower children and young people to become responsible citizens of the world.
  • to improve outcomes for children, young people and adults in school.


Why is RMJS examining its practice in line with this standard?

Fundamentally because we believe that an understanding of equality is so important as children grow up in an ever changing world. While we know that our school is representative in terms of ethnic make up to our local area, we understand that our school is not representative of more diverse areas nationally. We believe that it is vital for our pupils to have an understanding of cultures and ethnicities that are not well represented in Bingham.


What next?

Year 5 have been working with the Equality and Achievement team from Notts County Council and will be presenting an assembly for parents about their work on Tuesday 4th March 2014 at 9.15am. Parents and carers are warmly invited to this assembly to see what the children have been learning. Following the meeting there will be the chance to find out more about the Standard and ways in which you can become involved. We look forward to presenting more information about this exciting initiative on this page in the months ahead.


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